"A Change of Space"

Change of space

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Last week, as you recall, Will and Dr. Smith had climbed up to a plateau of cosmic dust - to investigate a strange, glowing light - little dreaming that it was soon to lead them on an unbelievable journey through space...


Will returns from a faster-than-light trip into the sixth dimension in an alien spaceship with his intelligence greatly enhanced. Smith, trying to repeat the incident, returns as an old man.

Background InformationEdit

  • The motif of an experimental craft mutating the pilot was revisited in the 1996 Star Trek: Voyager episode "Threshold". The scenario of a child (or childlike person) being given extraordinary intelligence was redone in the 1996 film "Phenomenon".
  • The stores of the Jupiter 2 are well stocked, as they apparently contain an old-fashioned wheelchair for the elderly Dr. Smith.
  • The alien has an interesting psychology - it is advanced enough to create an incredibly complex spaceship but can only communicate with the Robinsons using grunts and non-verbal threats.
  • The speed of the alien craft is stated as "speed of light squared." This is around 35 billion miles per second, or fast enough to go from Earth to the Galactic Center in about two months or from Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy in about ten years (relatively speaking).

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asthma; Bible; chess; Einstein; light


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