"A Day at the Zoo"

Day at the zoo

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3x14 / 74th of 83 aired
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The Robinsons join the 'Greatest Show in the Universe'

A cave boy Oggo appears and attempts to lure Penny away, but she refuses and is instead caught in a net. She is transported to an intergalactic zoo,run by Farnum B, played by Leonard Stone were she will be put on show. Meanwhile, Dr. Smith tries to take over the zoo. Stone makes his first appearance as intergalactic showman Farnum B, who wastes no time capturing the Robinsons so he can exhibit them in his traveling zoo. Escaping from his cage, Will (Billy Mumy) passes through a time warp with the redoubtable Farnum B one step behind him. Meanwhile, back on the planet, Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris) takes charge of the zoo, appointing as his second in command Farnum B's long-suffering caveboy assistant Oggo (Gary Tigerman) -- who has a crush on the imprisoned Penny (Angela Cartwright)


  • When Farnum B shows Penny her cage, it is very much a 1960s stereotypical view of a teenage girl's room. There is no CD player, PC, nor cordless phone.

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Keema's species; zoo

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