Judge iko

Judge Iko, a bubble creature

The bubble creatures were a spacefaring species. They resembled a gnarled, melting lump of greenish-brown flesh, with several pulsating multi-faceted 'bubbles' of various colors protruding from various spots on their body. Their apparent natural means of communication was electric arcing on the surface of their bubbles.

Bubble creatures were the first aliens encountered by the Robinsons after leaving Earth. In 1997, Will Robinson made first contact, inadvertently waking the creatures from a frozen state aboard their supposedly derelict spaceship. Relations quickly soured after Dr. Smith shot one of them. ("The Derelict").

Over a year later, the Robinson family were indicted in an interstellar court for their actions aboard the bubble creatures' ship. Judge Iko, a bubble creature, presided over the trial. ("The Prisoners of Space")


  • The bubble creatures were not referred to by name until "The Prisoners of Space", when a member of their own kind described his people. Such a label is likely not the species' actual name.
  • Judge Iko was somehow (perhaps, telepathically) able to communicate with the Robinsons in English, with no apparent electrical sparks.
  • The gelatinous alien sent to retrieve the prognosticator (stolen by Capt. Alonzo P. Tucker in The Sky Pirate) appears to be a modified version of the one wounded by the xenophobic Dr. Smith in " The Derelict."