City Beneath the Sea was a 1970's movie directed and co-written by Irwin Allen. The film was released in the U.K. as One Hour To Doomsday.


  • Stuart Whitman ... Admiral Matthews
  • Robert Wagner ... Brett
  • Rosemary Forsyth ... Lia Holmes
  • Robert Colbert ... Commander Patterson
  • Susana Miranda ... Elena
  • Burr DeBenning ... Aguila (as Burr De Benning)
  • Richard Basehart ... The President
  • Joseph Cotten ... Dr. Ziegler
  • James Darren ... Dr. Talty
  • Paul Stewart ... Barton
  • Sugar Ray Robinson ... Captain Hunter
  • Whit Bissell ... Professor Holmes
  • Larry Pennell ... Bill Holmes
  • Tom Drake ... General Putnam
  • Sheila Allen ... Blonde Woman (as Sheila Mathews)

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