Penny Robinson with the original Debbie

Debbie was a bloop that Penny Robinson acquired as a pet after her family and Don West crash-landed on a planet in Lost in Space.

Aside from being fidgety when Penny tried to dress her like “a lady”, she seemed to be mild-mannered, even when she was lifted into midair when John Robinson flew her and Penny back to camp on his jetpack. However, she did have the tendency to wander off while exploring. ("No Place to Hide")


The only appearance this Debbie made (see below) was during the original unaired pilot of "No Place to Hide".


Another bloop named Debbie also appeared during several episodes of the show later on in production. ("Island in the Sky", "The Oasis", "The Dream Monster", "Visit to a Hostile Planet") Due to the events differing between the original unaired and the later aired pilot, it can be assumed these are two different bloops.

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