"Devil's Island"


TTT episode
1.9/9th of 30 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Bob Duncan, Wanda Duncan
Directed by
Jerry Hopper
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Upon being transported away from the end of the battle of Little Big Horn from the previous episode, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips find themselves in an unusual situation when a boat comes upon a shore and an armed guard, in a French accent, instructs the prisoners to get off the boat. When several of the people scatter after disembarking from the boat and make a run for it, two of the prisoners escape island personnel, dive into the ocean and start swimming away. Newman and Phillips are then spotted and mistaken for the escaped prisoners, which they are rounded up with the rest of the newly arrived convicts.

Once they are brought with the other prisoners to the main campground, it is revealed they are at Devil’s Island, a harsh French penal colony in the year 1895.

Unable to get any of the island’s security to convince them that they, as Americans, and not French law breakers, should be released, Newman and Phillips must stay away from the guards’ bad sides, concentrate on staying alive and escaping.

Background information/triviaEdit

In this episode, due to the dangerous conditions of physical labor on an island where ground temperature could reach 150 degrees F, the team at Project Tic-Toc tries a new technique to try to get Newman and Phillips out of there. Unfortunately they accidentally transport back one of the prisoners instead. Once he is sent back to Devil’s Island, he does not deliver instructions to Newman and Phillips like he was told by General Heywood Kirk and Dr. Raymond Swain, disregarding the incident as a dream. It is revealed that people can become disoriented after traveling through time (although this has yet to happen to Newman and Phillips), although the effect is usually temporary.



The episode can be viewed at at The Time Tunnel channel

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