Doug Phillips


Scientist at Operation Tic-Toc


Dr. Doug Phillips is a scientist employed at Project Tic-Toc, an underground base in a desert location somewhere in the U. S. (possibly near the Nevada/Arizona border) that conducts top secret experiments in time travel. Out of the two lead scientists involved in time travel experimentation (Dr. Tony Newman being the other), Phillips was hired first at the base. ("End of the World")

Doug Phillips seems to be a man of many hats, as part of his duties at Project Tic-Toc appear to involve being an official greeter, as he met and gave U. S. Senator Leroy Clark a tour of the area, who was sent by the government to discover what results the multi-billion dollar project had accomplished. ("Rendezvous with Yesterday") He is also a skilled mathematician. ("End of the World") Phillips has also shown to be able to work with a variety of various communication devices as well. ("Rendezvous with Yesterday", "The Day the Sky Fell In")

As far as research and development went with time travel experimenting, Phillips was instrumental in developing a probe that could carry important messages to time travelers, as well as capsule work (with fellow Tic-Toc scientist Raymond Swain), which was a domed compartment where time travelers would sit in before making a journey, as it was totally separate from the Time Tunnel. However, the capsule was a total failure, and a radiation bath was used in place of the capsule afterwards. ("Secret Weapon")


Doug Phillips appears to be in his early 30s, has brown hair and eyes and is good friends with fellow scientist Tony Newman at Project Tic-Toc. He is also well-versed in history in general and possibly wilderness survival as well. ("The Alamo", "Night of the Long Knives" for the latter) He is also knowledgeable about volcanoes and studied Chinese history, although it is not certain if either subject was studied in a personal or a professional capacity. ("Crack of Doom", "Attack of the Barbarians") He also put his scientific knowledge to work during various time periods, such as for constructing homemade nerve gas and explosives. ("The Revenge of Robin Hood", "Idol of Death", "Attack of the Barbarians") And not only had Phillips' scientific knowledge get him through tight spots in various time periods from the past, but they were even successful in escaping certain situations in the future as well, such as by using a simple magnet to bypass a force field. ("Chase Through Time")

Even though it is never mentioned if he ever married and/or had any offspring,Doctor Phillips does seem to be good around children. ("Rendezvous with Yesterday", "Pirates of Deadman's Island")

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