"Follow the Leader"

Follow the leader

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Last week, as you recall, we left Professor Robinson and Dr. Smith searching for a lost laser pistol - unaware the Professor would, within moments, be plunged into an incredible encounter with a deadly alien spirit...


Knocked unconscious during a cave-in, John's mind and body are possessed by an alien warrior's spirit. The alien is determined to return to his homeworld, and uses John's body and leadership to direct repairs to the spaceship and synthesize fuel. When the rest of the Robinsons become suspicious of John's unusual behavior, he seals them up in the cave, and plots to throw Will off a cliff. Will exorcises the spirit through the power of his love for his father.

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode is the last to be filmed in black and white.
  • The cliffhanger is reused from the end of "One of Our Dogs Is Missing", leading into "Attack of the Monster Plants".
  • During the fight in the cave between Professor Robinson and Major West, West's sword is pulled away by Professor Robinson's weapon. In the next shot it reappears in Major West's hand.
  • When Professor Robinson is walking into the Jupiter 2 campsite wearing the alien uniform, his shadow appears on the background.
  • This episode is the third time the Robinsons have found remnants of an ancient civilization on Priplanis with all of them stashed or hidden away in caves or underground. In "There Were Giants in The Earth" they find ruins inside of a cave like the ones here. Perhaps the inhabitants moved inside to avoid the wild climate outside. However it is not clear if the ruins are related to one another, which might be expected given that they are all certainly within a few hundred miles of each other.
  • Gregory Morton will return to do additional voice-over work as Judge Iko in "The Prisoners of Space."

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acrophobia; baloney; battery; Bible; Bugs Bunny; button; carrot; cave; Chariot; chicken; deutronium; Earth; fiddle; Jupiter 2; laser pistol; lizard; memory bank; planet; psychiatry; Quasti; reptile; shoestring; sword; tiger; warrior


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