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Last week, as you recall, we left our space family just as they made their escape from the deadly world of the robots. All were unaware that, even now, a terrifying engine of destruction was bearing down on them at incredible speed...


The Jupiter 2 crashes on another planet. The only inhabitant appears to be a man named Tiabo, and his companion, a very large bird. Tiabo wants the Robinsons to leave immediately, so he tries to scare them away by bluffing. He pretends to be the vanguard of an enormous army. Will sees through this bluff, so Tiabo seemed to quickly change his mind and decides to move to the other side of the planet.

Fworld 1
Background Information

  • The giant bird costume in this episode had been used previously in the Outer Limits' episode "The Duplicate Man" where it was a creature called a Megazoid. Janos Prohaska was also employed in that series as the creature.  Janos also wore it in two episodes of Bewitched, "Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds" and "Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse."  Three series, three different studios (Fox, MGM, Columbia); the probability is that Janos provided his own costume for these appearances.
  • The episode is essentially a character piece for Wally Cox as there is actually very little plot. The story with Tiabo actually doesn't get started until the third act.
  • A new force field generator is seen being setup outside the ship, completely different than the season one model.

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asparagus; automated planet; caviar; evasive action; giant bird monster; Hollandaise sauce; homing device; hyper-atomic missile; Jupiter 2; navigational system; oven; pâté de foie gras; planet; potato; robot; Sector 630; steak

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