"Fugitives in Space"

Fugitives in space

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3x22 (82nd of 84 aired)
#1522 (82nd of 84 produced)
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Major West and Dr. Smith are arrested and confined to a prison planet.

Background informationEdit

  • Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen, June Lockhart, Guy Williams are credited but do not appear in this episode. At least some of these non-appearances were due to their characters being purposely written out of the script because the actors laughed during the filming of "The Great Vegetable Rebellion". [1] [2]
  • This was one of Mark Goddard's favorite episodes. [3]
  • Smith breaks the fourth wall in this episode.
  • Michael Conrad (Creech) was the second future "Hill Street Blues" star to appear on LIS. And, according to a story that appeared in some Science Fiction magazine years ago, Mark Goddard said that he and Michael Conrad studied together at an acting school in New York City and were friends, but Goddard did not realize that Conrad was Creech until he saw him out of makeup after the episode was filmed.

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756498002; 756498273; 756498274; alphatron; angel food cake; bank; birthday; birthday cake; book; boot; cake; Calaron; Canto; Chariot; chocolate maple surprise; Code of the Underworld; computer; convict; culinary art; dentist; Destructon; deutronium; Devil's Quadrant; electronic scent analyzer; file; first aid kit; First Circuit Computer Control Court; fuel; furnace; galaxy; hacksaw; hammer; helmet; ice; inmate; Intergalactic Court for the Control of Criminal Procedure; Intergalactic Penal Code; I.R.T.; judge; Judge 781 Revised Model 94E; law; master computer; millionaire; mine; molecular vaporizing field; Mordekon; oven; party; pattycake; pigsticker; planet; plastic explosive; prison; punch card; Quadrant 5; Quadrant 6; Quadrant 10; radar station; ray gun; razor; recipe; regeneration; sensor; servo mechanism; shaving; silver; subatomic charge; swimming pool; trail and detect tapes; viewing tube; warden; water; whip; yeast; Zandor

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