"Ghost in Space"

Ghost in space

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Last week, as you recall, we left Professor Robinson working by a mysterious, ghostly swamp - out of which was soon to come the most terrifying challenge ever to confront our space family...


Sent by Don to drop an explosive into a bore hole, instead Dr. Smith throws the explosive into a gaseous bog, creating an invisible, destructive force that threatens the Robinsons.

Having just conducted a seance, Dr. Smith is convinced that the thing is the spirit of his uncle Thaddeus. While the Robinsons figure out how to capture it, Smith tries to exorcise it.

Lis 2

Prof. Robinson and Maj. West bait the trap.

Background informationEdit

  • The Robinsons get new fatigues in this episode, since Maureen felt they were due for a change.
  • The Robot plays a guitar for the second time.
  • The irony of the teaser is that as Prof. Robinson - a trained geologist - is posting the sign declaring "Danger - Keep Away - Ionized Gas" he taps a pocket of gas that overwhelms him. There is nothing instrinically dangerous about ionized gas - humans breathe it all of the time as it is naturally generated by the strong electric fields in a lightning storm.  Plus Will and Dr. Smith are breathing it later in the first act.
  • Smith makes the Ouija board by hand but manages to find a monk's habit, an old fashioned lantern, a candle. and a candle holder somewhere on the ship.
  • Jonathan Harris tries on his future Dr. Smith voice in the third act when he is trying to convince Will to help him, changing it from the more licentious tone to something more mewlful.
  • The cage used to trap Smith in "The Keeper" is used here to trap the entity with solar batteries used as bait.  And just to underscore the point the solar batteries are quite clearly labeled "Solar Battery" in large letters instead of just having a part number or other descriptor.

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Bog Monster; guitar; Taddeus

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