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Hunters moon

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Professor Robinson and the Robot land the Space Pod on a planet that the Jupiter 2 is passing. John has to kill a dangerous monster moments after the landing. By doing this he has interfered with a hunting contest that is being used to test an alien named Megazor to determine his worthiness to be the ruler of his planet, Zon.

Megazor captures the Professor, and decides that he has no value as prey in the hunting contest. But, after John kills a dangerous alien in a duel, Megazor changes his mind and tries to use the Professor as prey in the contest.

Meanwhile, the Jupiter 2 has landed and John and the Robot are rescued. Unfortunately, Dr. Smith is captured by Megazor, who uses him to force John to participate in the hunt.

Megazor explains to the Professor that he may select one weapon from the arsenal available for the hunt. He is warned that each weapon has a defect that may prove to be deadly at an inopportune moment during the hunt. John selects the Zon Protective Suit, and the hunt begins.

It appears that the Professor will win the contest by surviving past the deadline, but the Protective Suit's defect, and some quicksand, leave him trapped. As Megazor moves in for the kill, we see that John has set an ambush for Megazor. In the ensuing fight, Megazor is killed.

Megazor's assistant, a robot, offers John the chance to participate in the hunt in order to become the ruler of Zon, but he declines. Will, John, Smith, and the Robot are then able to return to the safety of the Jupiter 2.

Pod 1

The Space Pod being filmed.

Background informationEdit

  • Most of the location shooting was done at Fox's Malibu Ranch.[1]
  • The arms and body of Megazor's computer were repainted and used as Tybo's water pump in "The Great Vegetable Rebellion".
  • In typical LiS fashion, the Robot claims the force field around the planet is energized by "solar deflection." This term is actually used with respect to the bending of light caused by the gravity of a star or other massive object distorting spacetime. The experimental confirmation of this effect in the early 20th Century helped support Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.

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cravascope; Galladian; Roscopore; Space Pod; Zon; Zon protective suit; Zorodot

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