The Irwin Allen Wiki (IAW) is a free encyclopedia dedicated to providing accurate information about Irwin Allen and all of his productions.

This website is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit any page by clicking the edit button that appears on the top of every page. This feature makes it easy for anyone with an intrest in Irwin Allen to share their knowledge!

On the IAW you can expect to find articles about everything that is related to Irwin Allen, including actors and actresses, television shows, movies, and much more! Everyone with an intrest about Irwin Allen is urged to join the Irwin Allen Wiki. If your interested in helping, the first step is to log in or create an account. Creating an account helps you to keep track of your edits and become part of the community here. There are many ways you can help the IAW - you can check existing pages for typos or to expand them. Another way you can contribute is to create new articles.

If you have questions any active user will be happy to help you. Just look at the recent changes page and click on a user and leave a message on their talk page. You can also visit the help pages to learn how to start editing on a wiki; and how to improve the Irwin Allen Wiki.

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