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Colonel Jeremiah Beauregard Smith


Great Aunt Maude; Uncle Thaddeus Smith; Zachary Smith; Aunt Matilda

Colonel Jeremiah Beauregard Smith was Dr. Smith's cousin. (Curse of Cousin Smith). Jeremiah had at least 8 other cousins. Jeremiah enjoyes the delightful beverage coffee which he had last tasted on the planet Tauron. Will noticed that he was a lot like Dr.

Dr. Smith and Jeremiah

Smith, Jeremiah says in return that Zachary and himself spent a great deal of time together as children. When Zachary and Jeremiah meet face-to-face, it is suggested that they had fought before as youngsters. In a nod to LOST IN SPACE, an X FILES character was named Jeremiah Smith.


Jeremiah about to call Little Joe.

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