"Kill Two by Two"


TTT episode
1.17/17th of 30 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Bob Duncan, Wanda Duncan
Directed by
Herschel Daugherty
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After escaping during the reign of King John from the previous week’s episode, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips are sent forward several hundred years to 1945 in an island somewhere in Japan. They find only two islanders there, one of which is an older Japanese sergeant and the other is a younger lieutenant. Unfortunately the lieutenant has a severe problem with Americans, being quite sadistic with a constant flurry of verbal taunts and abuse, stating that he will give Newman and Phillips a one hour head start into the jungle before he hunts them down and kills them.

Meanwhile, at Project Tic-Toc, the team is trying to ascertain the whereabouts of Newman and Phillips, due to there being little information in regards to what happened in this area of Japan during the attack of Iwo-Jima (which is about to occur). They must enlist the help of a person who is familiar with the area while Newman and Phillips try to stay one step ahead of the two Japanese islanders in their sadistic game.

Background informationEdit

  • It is revealed for the first time that Newman and Phillips must stay in the same place for a while for Project Tic-Toc can get to get a lock on them and can move them to another time period (if possible), which is difficult due to them being constantly on the move during this episode.
  • This was also the first time ever that Project Tic-Toc were in a total blackout for a while in regards to information of the area that Newman and Phillips were in and what exactly happened there, making retrieval of the two difficult.



The episode can be viewed on on The Time Tunnel channel

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