"Killers of the Deep"


VBS episode
2x15 / 47th of 110 aired
First aired
Written by
Allan Balter, William Read Woodfield
Directed by
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After the crew of the Seaview learns about disappearing nuclear missiles, Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane set off in the flying sub to investigate. While flying, they encounter an enemy submarine (which they ascertain is responsible for the missing missile) and they are shot down by it. The Admiral and Crane become separated after the flying sub crashes; the Admiral being found by a U.S. destroyer and Captain Crane being found and captured by the enemy submarine. Captain Crane learns that the captain of the enemy sub, Captain Ruiz, is stealing nuclear missiles for his country so it can gain more power.

Admiral Nelson takes control of the destroyer, ordering it to go after the enemy submarine. Meanwhile, Captain Crane escapes from the storage room where he was being held captive and crawls into the air ducts to make enough noise so the destroyer can locate and destroy the submarine. After the sub rises to the surface, Admiral Nelson rams the destroyer into the submarine. He finds Captain Crane and they are rescued by the Seaview.

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode uses stock footage from "The Enemy Below" that starred David Hedison.

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