United States
Change internal structure of objects or organisms


In the year 1973, the President of the United States has suffered a bad fall, resulting in a subdural hematoma that could kill him. Unfortunately his presence is mandatory at an upcoming conference or else all chaos is expected to break out if his influence can not soothe foreign tensions.

There are two options available: the MQ-G, an experimental device that will dissolve the blood clot in his brain without harming him, or surgery. The MQ-G is the preferred method, as the White House is keeping the President’s condition secret, and surgery would make the secrecy much more complicated to contain.

Whichever direction is taken, the Seaview sub is being sent to pick up the required personnel for the ordeal.

The person who was originally going to use the MQ-G machine on the President, a Dr. Taylor, was deliberately killed so an associate of his named Laura could use the machine in his place. Unfortunately she is a secret enemy agent who has tampered with the machine, so it will end up killing the President instead of healing him.

The MQ-G’s function is that it changes the internal molecular density of an object, animal or person: as Laura demonstrated with an egg, after using the machine, the egg itself was unharmed, but upon breaking it open, rather than being egg yolk, the yolk had been transformed to ashes. Laura had created a hidden switch near the base of the machine to intensify the beam of the MQ-G, but tampered with the machine’s readings to make it look like it was not delivering a much more powerful output to indeed kill the President.

Once Laura is on board the Seaview, meets with the surgeons and sets up the machine, she powers it on, which Admiral Harriman Nelson, Captain Lee Crane, and several members of the crew notice that their instruments are giving off false readings. Once Nelson checks in with Laura, she assures him everything is ok with the machine. Later when it is time to use the machine on the President and she switches it on, some crew members had installed some sensors that pinpointed the location of the problem, which was sick bay. This caused Nelson to run to sick bay and wrestle her Laura from the machine, leading to her arrest and for the doctors to go with their second option of operating on the President, thus saving his life and ending the crisis. ("Hail To The Chief")

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