Magnus Beam (mechanism)


Disable metal objects

This article is about the Magnus Beam weapon. You might be looking for The Magnus Beam episode.


U-2 spyplanes keep on getting lost over a certain area for some unexplained reason during intelligence missions. The Seaview sub is sent to try to solve the mystery.

The Magnus BeamEdit

The Magnus Beam is a powerful weapon that jams any instruments made of metal. It is housed in an undisclosed underwater base and is heavily guarded. As a General Gamal states at the base, he has plans to rule the Red Sea and hopes that his country will be the most powerful in the Middle East due to the weapon.

The Seaview vs. the Magnus BeamEdit

Once the Seaview approaches the area, the Magnus Beam is discharged, which cripples the sub, making it rise to the surface, but Admiral Harriman Nelson figures out a way to briefly disrupt the Beam, allowing himself and several fellow crew members to escape. They also hatch a plan to destroy the Beam, which leads to Nelson and a party of several of the Seaview’s crew members in an assault against the Magnus Beam, and Captain Lee Crane heads a party of locals in destroying the Beam by blowing it up with several stacks of dynamite brought over from the Seaview.

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