While Admiral Nelson is at the Institute, an explosive force builds somewhere in the Seaview, destroying the ship and everyone aboard. At the same time, Mr. Pem sneaks into Nelson's office, contritely explaining that he has changed his ways thanks to fate "seeing fit" to spare him from the death shown in A Time to Die. When Nelson receives word that Seaview has been lost, Pem offers to help in exchange for the materials needed to recreate his main time device. Agreeing to the terms, Pem takes Nelson back in time one full day and on the Seaview in order to prevent the catastrophe. As the search for the explosive begins, Pem creates his time device and takes the sub back to the time of the American Revolution. His plan: using the Seaview, he will assist General Benedict Arnold in turning the tide of the war, an event which would result in Pem attaining mastery of the world.

Background InformationEdit

  • This is the final episode of the series.
  • Barry Atwater appeared in the first season episode The Buccaneer where he was billed "G.B. Atwater."
  • Music for many scenes involving Benedict Arnold and Major Andre was composed for The Time Tunnel episode The Last Battle.

Memorable LinesEdit

  • Pem: "Of course it's possible, I don't know why everyone doggedly insists it isn't possible. My dear captain, you can change history simply by changing the past."

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Guest StarsEdit

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