"Princess of Space"

Princess of space

LiS episode
3x19 (78 of 83 aired)
#1519 (79 of 84 produced)
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Penny is told she may actually be a princess.

Background informationEdit

  • Penny's age is given as 13 years old.
  • Many familiar props on the red floor set from other episodes.
  • John and Maureen make a quick appearance in the opening scene.

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Special guest starEdit

Guest starsEdit

Uncredited co-stars (alphabetical)Edit


airlock; archduke; atomizer; baby; baron; Beta; book; butter; candle; carpet; castle; chancellor; chicken; computer; computer card; cosmic camera; countess; cutlass; diary; drum; Earth; fairy tale; gold; Grabowski; hair; heaven; hospital; Human; insect; Jupiter 2; K12B6; king; liver; machine; magic; music; nurse; oil; palace; pea; pirate; planet; prime minister; princess; queen; rocket; scepter; slipper; sofa; star; steward; tape; telephone; telescope; throne

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