"Revenge of the Gods"


TTT episode
01x07/7th of 30 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Allan Balter, William Read Woodfield
Directed by
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After escaping the volcanic eruption of Krakatoa from the previous week’s episode, Doug Phillips and Tony Newman are transported to 1200 B. C. in the middle of the epic battle between the Greeks and Trojans, the latter of which had captured the Greeks’ queen Helen years before. Phillips and Newman are taken captive by Ulysses’ men where, due to their strange style of dress and telling Ulysses of coming from far away and how they view time differently, are thought to be gods.

Sardis, a soldier, is fed up with Ulysses never heeding his advice for years (and not taking his side from not believing that Phillips and Newman are not gods), so he defects to the Trojans and agrees to bring the “gods” back as a test of loyalty.

Meanwhile, the team at Project Tic-Toc are monitoring the action and even send a guard and ammunition back to the battle to try to even the odds as the Trojan Horse is being built to hopefully end the war once and for all.

Background information/triviaEdit

This was the first episode of the series where the length of the Time Tunnel was mentioned. Even though it physically extends for a few dozen meters at the Project Tic-Toc base, once it is activated for time travel, its length is actually infinite.



The episode can be viewed at at The Time Tunnel channel

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