"Secret Weapon"


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1.11/11th of 30 aired
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Written by
Irwin Allen, Theodore Apstein
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After being time-shifted from late 1790s France, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips are sent forward nearly 200 years into the future to an area in Russia, 1956. Several glowing objects appear, which Newman and Phillips theorize that the objects are probes containing messages sent from Project Tic-Toc, although they are not able to retrieve a message until the third probe arrives. The message states to go to a certain street at midnight and meet up with someone named Alexis.

Meanwhile, back at Project Tic-Toc, Lt. Gen. Heywood Kirk is having to deal with superiors in regards to how important it is to get the message delivered to the scientists, even though it means risking the scientists’ lives (as Newman was unable to let go of the first probe until Phillips pried it out of his hands and the second one had exploded).

After Newman and Phillips meet with Alexis, they inadvertently assume the identities of two defectors and are taken to a secret location where, after their blindfolds are removed, are astounded to find themselves in a laboratory where an identical Time Tunnel had been constructed by the Russians the same year Project Tic-Toc had created theirs in America. A professor, Anton Biraki, says their knowledge and experience is needed to conduct the very first experiments in time. Meanwhile, Biraki, over 10 years later in the present time, is meeting up with military officials in regards to the Time Tunnel experimenting at Project Tic-Toc.

Newman and Phillips, meanwhile, have learned that using a capsule that was built for time traveling would be fatal, and thus must come up with a plan in order to escape any experimenting alive, Kirk must deal with his superiors, and the rest of the team at Project Tic-Toc must try to get Newman and Phillips away from the dangerous situation.

Background informationEdit

  • It is revealed in this episode that Phillips was instrumental in creating the (aforementioned) probe with Dr. Raymond Swain in order to send important messages to time travelers. If successfully transported, the capsule would melt, revealing the message.
  • Phillips also worked with the (aforementioned) capsule that was developed for any time travelers to sit in so they could be transported to another place and time. However, the capsule turned out to be a failure (and fatal), which it was replaced by the radiation bath that was used for time travel ever since.



The episode can be viewed at at The Time Tunnel channel

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