"Fugitives in Space"

Space beauty

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#1523 (83rd of 84 produced)
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Judy is sought for a beauty pageant organized by the notorious Farnum B from 'A Day at the Zoo'.

Background informationEdit

  • June Lockhart and Guy Williams are credited but do not appear in this episode. This was due to their characters being purposely written out of the script because the actors laughed during the filming of "The Great Vegetable Rebellion". [1] [2] In the last episode, "Fugitives in Space", Professor and Maureen Robinson were away from the Jupiter 2 at a radar station, and they are apparently still there.
  • This was one of Marta Kristen's favorite episodes. Nevertheless, the snow in the final scene was made of hot plastic, which burned her eyes and made her go to the infirmary after shooting. [3]
  • When Don drops his wrench in the snow scene, it sound like it is hitting the hard surface of a soundstage rather than dirt.
  • As with all of the scripts written by Jackson Gillis, this one is straight fantasy with the most tongue-in-check lip service paid to science. As examples, the surface of the planet of the Great Tyrant is supposed to be "radioactive cobalt" and Nancy Pi Squared sells Farnum B's soul in order to secure the Beauty Contest contract.

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agent; beauty pageant; bird; butter; candle; candelabra; caviar; champagne; cobalt; coin; Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; computer; contestant; contract; cosmic electrical disturbance; current; Dark planet; diamond; dictator; Earthman; emissary; enviornmental psychology; Farnum's spaceship; feather; feather boa; female; fire; fish; flag; flower; force field; fur; galaxy; garter; gold; Grizzly Bear; hat; helmet; humanoid; ice cream cone; Inter-Galaxy Beauty Pageant; invisibility; Jupiter 2; lifeform; light; lunch; methane; mirror; Miss Alta Teutonium's species; Miss Boonfloss' species; Miss Fishtail's species; Miss Galaxy; Miss Inner Platminium's species; Miss K-14's species; model; money; monster; music; Mysterious Dictator's species; net; nightcap; painting; patriotism; photograph; planet; power of attorney; puppet; radar; radio; radioactivity; rain; raincloud; reptile; reserve circuit; ring; robot; ruby; runway; saint; scale; science; singing; song; spectrum telescope; squandro; starship; Shakespeare, William; snow; soul; spaceship; star; toolbox; universe; wig; wrench; zoo

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