"Space Circus"


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Last week, as you recall, we left Will, Penny, Dr. Smith, and the Robot on a scientific expedition. None where aware that, within moments, they were to encounter the most incredible assortment of alien creatures ever assembled on one planet,...


A travelling show lands, but they are on hard times and badly need money. When Will proves to have a hidden psychokinetic ability that is undeveloped and unfocused, Marvello decides they must have him in the troupe. Will is tricked to believe that if he leaves with the circus, his family will be have enough resources to survive. Dr. Smith intends to go as Will's agent, make money from Will's performances, and return to Earth.

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  • James Westerfield was not only an accomplished stage actor but also a set designer, producer, and director. He won two New York Drama Critics Awards for acting.

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aircraft; alien; Andromeda; blight; cane; cobalt; college; Cosmic Monster; crown; cup; dog; Earth; entrepeneur; frog; galaxy; generator; goblet; hamlet; hat; handbill; idol; jewel; Jupiter 2; lamp; magnesium; Marvello's Extravaganza; memory bank; money; music; occult; opera; penny; planet; plant; psychokitetology; purifier; quartz; ration; reduction coil; Supernova 12; Taurus Award; Tiptoe Through the Tulips; town; universe; village


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