"Space Destructors"

Space destructors

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  • In order to create the 'army' of Smith clones, casts were made of Jonathan Harris's face. Because of his claustrophobia, Harris was extremely frightened of carrying out such a procedure given that it would take around three hours to work, and was only able to go along with it thanks to the actions of the caster who tried to ease his fears.
  • The reason why or how this considerable military industrial complex is hidden in a cave on an obscure planet is never given.  Perhaps since this is supposedly the same planet as in "Hunter's Moon" it has something to do with the Zahn.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Smith's actions cause Professor Robinson to exile him permanently from the expedition. Smith then shows apparently a genuinely contrite self-assessment of his actions, causing the Professor to give him another chance.
  • A section of the cyborg machine at the end of the conveyor belt is part of The Time Tunnel set decoration with the blue lights. Many other props from other episodes are present in the cave, such as the mechanism of the android leader in "Kidnapped in Space".
  • Another opportunity for Guy Williams to fence with a cyborg.

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