"Submarine Sunk Here"


VBS episode
1x10 / 10th of 110 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, William Tunberg
Directed by
Leonard Horn
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A crewman named Evans is very distressed after receiving notification that his wife’s pregnancy has entered complications. Upon his commanding officer, Bishop, refusing to allow him emergency leave, they get into a fight and Evans knocks out Bishop.

Unfortunately crewman Blake leaves his sonar post to break up the fight, which, unknown to him, had started going off, due to a derelict mine field being detected. The mines are not spotted until the Seaview is right on top of them, which, once Admiral Harriman Nelson orders the sub to reverse course, it ensnares itself in a mine.

The mini-sub is sent out to free the mine, but unfortunately a chain reaction is caused when the mine is cut free and it floats into another one, causing several to explode, which results in destroying the mini-sub and sinking the Seaview to the bottom.

This knocks out most of the power of the sub, along with the air purification system. Help is on the way, although unfortunately the Seaview’s diving bell’s guidance system has a short that cannot be found; without the guidance system, it stands little chance of manually navigating it’s way through the mine field to the Seaview in order to bring much-needed oxygen to help save the lives of all crewmen on board.

Meanwhile the Seaview keeps on listing, which would make the diving bell unable to make a connection, tensions boil with crewman Harker blaming and fighting with Evans over the situation, fires break out, and Nelson estimates they only have 10 hours of oxygen left...which it is estimated that the diving bell’s navigation system will not be fixed for two days.

An order is given for the diving bell to be lowered to the Seaview anyway, which a compartment must be flooded in order to list the sub at the right angle so a connection can be made and the crew will be saved.


Chip Morton and Curley Jones are assisting in trying to find the short in the diving bell’s guiding system, rather than being on the Seaview in this episode.


Guest starsEdit

  • Paul Comi (uncredited) as Lt. Bishop
  • Carl Reindel as Evans
  • Eddie Ryder as Harker
  • Robert Doyle as Blake
  • Wright King as Dr. Baines
  • George Lindsey as Collins
  • Paul Trinka as Patterson


The episode can be seen at on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea channel

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