"Terror on Dinosaur Island"


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2x14 / 46th of 110 aired
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Admiral Nelson and Chief Sharkey use the flying sub to try and investigate a volcanic island. When the volcano erupts, debris hits the flying sub and Nelson and Sharkey parachute to safety. The same eruption causes the Seaview to become damaged. In order to prevent the sub from sinking, Captain Crane orders the lower section of the submarine sealed off, sealing in crewman Grady. Grady's friend Benson blames Crane for Grady's death, and wants revenge. After the Seaview beaches on the island's shore, Captain Crane, Kowalski, Patterson, and Benson set off to search for the Admiral and Sharkey.

Meanwhile, Nelson and Sharkey discover that the island is populated by prehistoric dinosaurs. Benson, still set on revenge, pulls a gun on Captain Crane. Kowalski pretended to side with Benson until he was able to steal the gun away from his fellow crewman. Benson eventually gets eaten by a dinosaur, and Captain Crane is able to find the Admiral and Chief Sharkey and return them safely to the Seaview before the island erupts.

Background InformationEdit

  • Despite being known for playing Patterson from Voyage season one, Paul Trinka was billed as "sonar man" in this episode.

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