"The Anti-Matter Man"

Anti matter man

LiS episode
3x23 / 74 of 83 aired
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Written by
"K. C. Alison", a.k.a. Robert Hamner & Barney Slater
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The Robot and Professor Robinson are testing the fuel atomizing unit, and this results in a human from the Anti-Matter Universe being transported to the Robinson's camp site. This man is the Anti-Matter John Robinson, and he has been patiently waiting for such an event to occur. He captures the real Professor Robinson and takes him back to the Anti-Matter Universe. As the two universes are now out of balance, the Robinson's planet is hit by a terrible storm.

Will and The Robot travel to the Anti-Matter Universe and find the Anti-Matter Professor Robinson. They return with him to the Robinson's planet.

After a few days of observing the Anti-Matter Professor Robinson's unusual behavior, The Robot figures out what has happened and warns Will. Will has the Robot send him to the Anti-Matter Universe to rescue his father. The Anti-Matter Professor Robinson tries to stop him, but cannot. Then the Anti-Matter Man follows Will to the Anti-Matter Universe.

Major West sends the Robot, and by accident, Dr. Smith, into the Anti-Matter Universe to pursue Will and the Anti-Matter Man. There they discover an Anti-Matter version of the Robot, free the real Professor Robinson, and he defeats the Anti-Matter Professor Robinson in a fight. Then everyone returns to the Jupiter 2 safely.

Background informationEdit

  • Mark Goddard and Bill Mumy have cited this as among their favorite episodes.
  • When Don and Will head back to the ship during the storm at the end of the first scene in Act One, they walk towards the camera with the camera centering on the Robot, the take ending with a close-up of the Robot's panel. The shot is not in focus but the lettering on the buttons can be seen.
  • At the end of the climactic fight scene, when the stunt man falls off the bridge, you can see the dust from the mattress that he falls on.
  • Anti-matter and matter annihilate each other upon contact. What would be more plausible is that this involves an alternate universe as posited by the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics,
  • The prop book that is supposed to contains description of weird, unexplained legends of the past is a religious work, as evidenced by this image of the page that appears before the one with the Shadow World graphic.
  • When Will and the robot enter the Anti-Matter world, the shadows of stage hands can be seen moving the large rocks.

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