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Astral traveler

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Last week, we left Will and Dr. Smith trapped in a mysterious cave - unaware that, inside, a space warp was about to open a door to an incredible haunted world...


Will passes through a space warp to Scotland, where a ghost and a monster inhabit an old castle.

Background InformationEdit

  • Some source give this episode the title "The Astral Traveller", but the actual title is "The Astral Traveler", with one "L".
  • The "dimensional gateway" looks suspiciously like a standard revolving door.
  • This is an episode that strays very, very far away from the original series format but nevertheless remains a charming and entertaining fantasy if taken on its own merits. A "dimensional gateway" that directly connects to Earth appearing in a cave in which Dr. Smith and Will are trapped begs enough credulity without adding the elements of its terminus being a medieval Scottish castle where the only inhabitants are a swamp monster and a ghost (in some respects this plot was copied in the Space:1999 episode "Journey To Where.") However Sean McClory is a delightfully hammy Hamish and for once the monster is a sympathetic character .
  • The sound effect used when objects appear or disappear is slightly different in this episode.

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alien; castle; cave; claustrophobia; ghost; rat; Ruthven; Scotland; shovel; torch; weather

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