"The Death Trap"


TTT episode
1.12/12th of 30 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Theodore Apstein
Directed by
Irwin Allen, Leonard Stadd
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After escaping from an area in Russia that had a Time Tunnel two years before the Americans did in the previous episode, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips wind up in a barn after they were time shifted. There is a group of people in the barn, and after being spotted and responding yes to a person’s question if they were sent by someone, one of the members of the group says that they are going to kill U. S. President Abraham Lincoln.

The barn then gets raided by law enforcement personnel, which Newman and Phillips are separated then; Phillips is detained by law enforcement, and Newman flees, ending up in the house of Jeremiah Gebhardt, who is planning to kill Lincoln. He and his brother Matthew go over the plan of bombing the train that will bring Lincoln to town by a time bomb that Jeremiah built. Newman gets on Jeremiah’s bad side by constantly telling him his plan will fail, which results in Jeremiah bounding and gagging him as he hears the train come in earlier than expected, so he leaves to plant the bomb; meanwhile Phillips is being interrogated by law enforcement.

Newman and Phillips must free themselves of their captors to try to prevent the assassination from happening (as this was in 1861, which Lincoln did not actually get assassinated until 1865), and meanwhile the crew at Project Tic-Toc is researching the time period and must try to bring the bomb to their time to deactivate it.



The episode can be viewed at at The Time Tunnel channel

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