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Galaxy gift

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Last week, as you recall, we left of young space pioneers rehearsing a harmless playlet, unaware that their unexpected guest star was to be a hideous alien life form...


An alien who calls himself Mr. Arcon, who is fleeing from the Saticons, arrives on the planet and assumes human form in order to be able to breathe the planet's atmosphere. His objective is to find a perfect individual whom he can trust with a mysterious amulet. He gives the amulet to Penny, expecting her to safeguard it.

The Saticons want the amulet, and they go to great lengths to obtain it. This includes altering the temperature of the planet to make it very cold, and, of course, striking a deal with Dr. Smith where Smith will get the amulet for them in exchange for returning him to Earth.

Smith believes that he has tricked the Saticons, but it is he who has been tricked. He and Penny are lead to believe that they are in China Town, in San Francisco, back on Earth, but the Saticons have only sent them to a nearby asteroid, where they are in great danger. After Penny surrenders the amulet to the Saticons, Mr. Arcon arrives on the asteroid (he has assumed the appearance of a Saticon), rescues everyone, and returns them to the Robinson's planet.

Background informationEdit

  • The Saticons have returned to harass the Robinsons.
  • Mr. Arcon's original form is the same as Keema from The Golden Man, and before he becomes human, he assumes the form of the frog alien from that same episode.
  • Asteroids are far too small to hold an atmosphere or to have a significant gravitational field.  The fact that Penny and Dr. Smith can breathe and move normally must therefore be due to the designs of  the Saticons.

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