"The Girl from the Green Dimension"


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Last week, as you recall, we left Will, Dr. Smith, and the Robot at the electron telescope - just as a solar gale had trapped them in a sudden rain of giant cosmic bolts...


A green woman woos Dr. Smith to the chagrin of her spurned suitor. Athena, formerly known as Lorelei, the girl from the People of the Green Mist, now the girl from the green dimension who hypnotised Dr. Smith during their space flight, arrives on the planet. She is still in love with Dr. Smith, which he uses to bribe her to help him see the future. However, he promises to go back to the green dimension with her, and when Athena's previous suitor arrives and turns Will green, Dr. Smith must find a way to save himself and Will

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Athena, the green woman from Wild Adventure makes her return.

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electron telescope; ion; memory bank; Sagittarius; solar dust; solar gale; universe

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