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Last week, as you recall, Will, Major West, and Professor Robinson had gone off an an expedition - leaving Penny and Dr. Smith to invesitgate a strange alien spaceship...


While Don, Professor Robinson, the Robot, and Will are away from camp on a scientific expedition, two aliens, each a warrior champion representing their planet, land near the Robinson camp and begin preparations for individual combat to resolve a conflict between their races. One is a disagreeable frog-headed creature and the other is a handsome, golden skinned human. Penny befriends the frog-headed alien who is adamant about being left alone. The golden alien appears generous to Dr. Smith, Penny, Judy, and Maureen, even apparently saving Judy from an explosive trap, convincing Dr. Smith to hand over to him the Robinsons' weapons against which the frog creature has no defense. Penny has been slowly winning over the frog creature, although he still is hesitant about being friendly in return.

When Dr. Smith goes to the golden alien's camp to surrender the weapons, the alien reveals both his true form - an ochre-skinned grotesque - and his intentions to kill all of the humans after he destroys the frog creature. Frightened, Dr. Smith returns to camp and tells the others, but Penny runs off to warn her friend. Unfortunately the war has started, but Penny and Dr. Smith make it to the frog creature, whom Dr. Smith now realizes he had misunderstood, and help him win.

Background InformationEdit

  • Basically the episode is a lesson about prejudice as the ugly frog alien is really the good guy and the handsome golden man is the villain.
  • A working title for the episode was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little War."
  • The revised final script is dated October 17, 1966.
  • The original script called for Keema to turn into a werewolf at the end of the episode. However, CBS felt that this would scare children watching the show and it was dropped.[1]
  • The props used for the alien weapons include beach ball land mines and Christmas light barbed wire.

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arthritis; bones; Earth; falling star; force field; laser gun; marrow

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