"The Menfish"


VBS episode
2x24 / 56th of 110 aired
First aired
Written by
William Read Woodfield, Allan Balter
Directed by
Tom Gries
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In Admiral Nelson's absence, Admiral Park and Captain Lee Crane have to stop Dr. Borgman's mad plan to create a new race of menfish.

There's a history between these twoEdit

While Admiral Nelson was tied up at a conference in Washington, D. C., Admiral Park filled in aboard the Seaview. Nelson had previously given permission for Dr. Borgman and his assistant, Hansjurg, to carry out an experiment aboard the submarine. However, both scientists had been backlisted for their experiments on humans. In fact, Admiral Park's investigating committee had been responsible for Borgman having been sent to jail.

It was not long before seaman Bailey was missing. The suspicious Admiral went to the Missile Room to see what Borgman was up to and discovered the doctor had harvested the pineal gland from the missing crewman and used it to turn a fish into an anthropomorphic hybrid. He was demonstrating how he could use his control device to command the creature to swim left or right when the Admiral burst in. The doctor used a pistol to prevent the Admiral from interfering. With Hansjurg's help, he operated on the Admiral, giving him one of his control implants. After that, the Admiral was forced to approve all of Dr. Borgman's requests.

Menfish everywhereEdit

Dr. Borgman created more of his menfish, taking command of the Seaview. Captain Crane, forced to aid in the creation of more, smuggled a liquid oxygen tank into the radiation chamber the doctor used to enlarge his small creatures to human size. The Captain thought the oxygen concentration or the frigid temperature would abort the procedure, but instead the manfish that resulted was a giant as large as the Seaview. It was also too large to be controlled by the (comparatively) tiny electrodes in its brain. It attacked the submarine.

Hansjurg fights backEdit

Realizing Dr. Borgman would let them all die to further his plan, Hansjurg broke the control device and strangled his mentor. Now freed, the Admiral used the lasers in the Flying Sub to kill the giant. Hansjurg helped restore the missing crewmen to normal and remove the electrode implanted in Park.


  A c t o r       R o l e
 Gary Merrill     Admiral Roy Park
 David Hedison     Captain Lee Crane
  G u e s t   C a s t  
 John Dehner     Borgman
 Victor Lundin     Hansjurg
  A d d i t i o n a l   C a s t   
 Del Monroe     Kowalski
 Roy Jenson     Johnson
 Robert Dowdell     Chip Morton
 Wayne Heffley     Seaview doctor
 George Sims     Bailey
 Ray Didsbury     Collins
 Ron Stein     Forrestor
 Frank Graham     manfish


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