"The Mist of Silence"


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1x04 / 4th of 110 aired
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The United States government sends the Seaview to help the president of a Latin-American country defect. Captain Crane, Kowalski, Patterson, and crewman Farrells are captured by a corrupt military officer. Admiral Nelson leads a rescue party into the country to save his officers.

Background InformationEdit

  • Henry Darrow is billed in this episode as "Henry Delgado". He would star with Mark Slade in The High Chapparal from 1967 - 1971.
  • This is Paul Tinka's first filmed appearance on the series, having been shot before The Fear-Makers, which aired prior to this episode.
  • Although the majority of the climactic fight between Crane and D'Alvarez is performed by stunt artists, David Hedison can be heard off camera yelling "Estaban" as his stunt double jumps "D'Alvarez."

Links and ReferencesEdit


Guest StarsEdit

  • Mike Kellin as General Esteban D'Alverez
  • Alejandro Rey as Ricardo Galdez
  • Rita Gam as Detta Casone
  • Edward Colmans as President Fuentes
  • Henry Darrow as Captain Serra
  • Booth Colman as Chairman
  • Armand Alzamora as Spanish Major
  • Weaver Levy as Asian Colonel
  • Joe E. Tata as Farrell
  • Doug Lambert as Williams


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