"The Price of Doom"


VBS episode
1x05 / 5th of 110 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Harlan Ellison
Directed by
James Goldstone
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A research station in Antarctica is trying to reach the Seaview without success, as a current snow storm is causing radio interference. As the wife of the researcher Robert Pennell goes to bed, she turns on two heaters, which causes samples of plankton to grow at an alarming rate, which ends up overtaking the Pennells after several minutes.

Meanwhile the Seaview is transporting three personnel to the research station rendezvous: two scientists and a representative of a company that has provided a large sum of money to research the experiment involving plankton to be used as a food source for potentially millions of people. Along with all guests conflicting over how to handle the project, one of them is also a spy, which an unknown enemy is planning the demise of the Seaview, as a tracking device is planted on board, which leads to an attack from an unannounced plane.

Sabotage of the Seaview, finding the research station destroyed, and having the monstrous plankton reign destruction upon the sub follows, all of which must be rectified in order to save the Seaview and all on board.


  • The name of the research station is “Tic-Toc”, which would also become the name of the time travel project on the later Irwin Allen series of The Time Tunnel.
  • Harlan Ellison was reportedly not pleased with changes made with his script for this episode, so he used a pen name for it instead.


Guest StarsEdit

  • David Opatoshu as Dr. Reisner
  • Jill Ireland as Julie
  • John Milford as Wesley
  • Steve Ihnat as Robert Pennell
  • Pat Priest as Karen Joyce Pennell
  • Arch Whiting as Sparks
  • James Frawley as Smiling Jack


The episode can be seen at on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea channel

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