"The Revenge of Robin Hood"


TTT episode
1.16/16th of 30 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Leonard Stadd
Directed by
William Hale
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After escaping France during D-Day with the previous episode, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips get sent back several centuries to England during the reign of King John. Robin Hood had just asked King John if he will sign the Magna Carta, which will give local commoners more rights. King John becomes quite incensed over this, ordering his guards to throw Hood into the dungeon. After a brief scuffle, Phillips is found and thrown into the dungeon with Hood. With Newman’s help, he is able to escape, but Hood is left behind in the dungeon. However, Newman and Phillips are able to find the rest of Hood’s followers so they can storm the castle and try to rescue Hood.

Meanwhile, Project Tic-Toc tries an aid – a homing post – to try to transport Newman and Phillips out of the area and back home.

Background information/triviaEdit

  • It is revealed for the first time that a homing post had been used before, although it did not work correctly in earlier trials, but had been improved. Supposedly when sent to a time period and activated, anyone who touches it would be brought back to Project Tic-Toc, although by the time Newman and Phillips got to it is was no longer functioning.
  • The beginning footage had been edited at the end of the previous episode, showing Newman and Phillips landing in King John’s castle, which, after a brief introduction of Robin Hood, makes it look like Phillips was taken straight to the dungeon and was about to be tortured; actually there were a few additional minutes where Hood and Phillips were brought before King John before being thrown into the dungeon, as well as Newman being shown, hiding so he can take out the king’s personnel.


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