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Last week, as you recall, a weird alien spaceship had landed on the planet. As our family approached it, they were unaware that two strange pairs of eyes were, even then, watching their every move...


Alonzo P. Tucker, an Earth man, lands on the planet in an alien spaceship. Tucker wins over Will with all sorts of stories about being a pirate, but upon closer inspection it is revealed that he is just an ordinary man who was abducted by aliens from his hometown of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, in the Summer of 1876. He is on the run because he has stolen a mind reading/future predicting device from some aliens on another planet.

The Robinsons make some repairs to Tucker's spaceship. Before he can depart one of the aliens arrives, seeking the stolen device. In the ensuing meelee the alien gets the device, and leaves. Before Tucker departs in his spaceship he admits to Will that he was just the town troublemaker back in Punxsutawney.

Background informationEdit

  • The series begins its transformation from action/adventure into camp with this episode.
  • John identifies the year of this episode as 1998.
  • This is one of four episodes where Alpha Control issue equipment is installed in alien spaceships, and works properly! The other three episodes are "Blast Off Into Space", "Mutiny in Space", and "Collision of the Planets".
  • One of Tucker's last memories of Earth involves hearing the news of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, which took place in June, 1876. He was abducted by the aliens shortly thereafter.
  • Tucker demands cheese and cigars from the Robinsons. And he gets them. Apparently the Jupiter 2 was equipped with an Alpha Control issue humidor!
  • The gelatinous alien who chases after Tucker, to retrieve the prognosticator, resembles a modified version of the bubble creature from "The Derelict."

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Pennsylvania; Punxsutawney; Talurian

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