"The Space Croppers"

Space croppers

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Last week, as you recall, Will, Penny, and Dr. Smith were busily preparing a time capsule - unaware that, off in the dark wastes of the planet, mysterious new arrivals had landed that were soon to threaten their very survival...


After a werewolf shows up, an unusual family arrives and starts cultivating strange plants.


  • When Sybilla opens the semi-cylindrical door of the greenhouse to examine her plants, the prop used for the greenhouse is the four man bathysphere used in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode, "The Condemned".
  • This is one of the first episodes produced after the very popular Batman series premiered on ABC and is perhaps the first to borrow the camp stylings of that series in order to compete in the ratings.
  • The killer plants have been used twice before, as the Cyclamen in "Attack of the Monster Plants" and "Welcome Stranger".
  • In the preview for this episode, the Robot mispronounces canis lupis as hanis lupis when they are preparing the time capsule.
  • Dawson Palmer appears as Keel. He was typically uncredited as a monster character in many episodes.

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canis lupus; Earth; Egyptian; Meditations of a Galactic Castaway; moon; planet; plant; pyramid; space gauntlet; time capsule; werewolf; witch


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