"The Thief from Outer Space"


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Last week, as you recall, we left our space family having just survived a terrifying galactic meteor storm. All were unaware that an incredible thief of outer space was soon to follow in its wake...


Convinced that the Robinsons have maps which will lead him to a princess, a thief captures Will, Penny, and Dr. Smith. Will is made an apprentice thief, Penny is held prisoner, and Smith is marked for death.

Background InformationEdit

  • Although some sources give the episode title as "The Thief of Outer Space", the episode identifies itself as "The Thief from Outer Space"
  • The writer Jackson Gillis had a very varied career - here writing a campy fantasy and yet later going onto writing complex adult crime dramas for the Peter Falk series Columbo ("Suitable for Framing"),
  • Guy Williams once again takes to opportunity to do some fencing in this episode.
  • The Robot appears in the sedan chair on the asteroid and states he cannot get out because he removed his lower tread section to do so.
  • In the furnace room of the asteroid, three of the props are actually chrome commercial coffee makers with blinking lights on top.

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alien; asteroid; bottle; diamond; emerald; footprint; furnace; Jupiter 2; laser gun; lion; lunch; lunchkit; magic carpet; meteor; mineral drill; planet; ruby; sedan chair; shovel; slave; spaceship; swing; sword; tool; toolbag; watch; wrench

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