"The Village Of Guilt"


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1x07 / 8th of 110 aired
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In a small Norwegian town, three men are attacked while out on a boat one night in a fjord; two are killed and the boat is destroyed. The Seaview travels to the town in search of this giant monster that the sole survivor of the attack claims is responsible.

Unfortunately someone enters the survivor’s room and kills the man right before Lee Crane and Harriman Nelson can speak with him. They talk with his former caretaker Sigrid, who tells of which fjord the boat was destroyed in (since none of the locals want to discuss the matter). They are unable to find the boats’ remnants, but then a local boy paddles up to the Seaview, telling them of where the boat was actually destroyed, which was in a different fjord altogether.

The Seaview then investigates this new fjord, getting attacked by giant catfish in the process. Upon doing some research of several of the locals, Nelson recognizes the name of a scientist that Crane mentions, which Nelson later tells the bartender at the local pub of knowing of the man’s experiments in hopes of drawing him out. Indeed it did, as at one point it is detected that something was approaching the Seaview, along with a device being planted on it. Nelson waves off two divers (who then dismantle the device) while he goes after the person who planted it, where he arrives at a lab, which is run by Sigrid’s husband, who has been experimenting with making giant fish in order to try to solve starvation problems. He orders the giant octopus (that killed the two men and destroyed most of their boat at the beginning) to be let loose, which attacks the Seaview. Nelson orders a reactor charge to be unleashed, which kills the octopus, and Sigrid kills her husband in order to prevent him from making any further dastardly actions, ending the crisis.


Guest starsEdit

  • Richard Carlson as Lars Matson
  • Anna-Lisa as Sigrid
  • Mark Slade as Malone
  • Greger Vigen as The Boy
  • Torben Meyer as Proprietor
  • Kort Falkenberg as The Father
  • Steven Geray as Dalgren
  • Frank Richards as Hassler
  • Stan Jones as Anderson
  • Erik Holland as Gartern


The episode can be seen at on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea channel

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