"Treasure of the Lost Planet"

Treasure of the lost planet

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Last week, we left Will, Penny, and the Robot playing a game of chance - unaware pirates were, even now, about to descend on their planet...


Alonzo P. Tucker returns, this time more in character with the pirate that he originally pretended to be in The Sky Pirate. This time he and his crew of three dangerous aliens are searching for the buried treasure of an old interstellar pirate named Beelibones from the "Betelgeezy" (Betelguese) star system. Tucker has to find the treasure and protect the Robinsons from the three aliens. He searches for the treasure using a doodlebug that Dr. Smith has found.

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          Background InformationEdit

  • Further references about making slemoth and drinking glügg. Will states: "whatever that is"</li></li>
  • The doodlebug head is reused as the judge in a later episode. </li></li>


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    Memorable Lines Of DialogueEdit

    "Pump me bilges!!! It be the Little Nipper!!!"


    alien; Beelibones; bone; casino; coin; doodlebug; humanoid; jewel; monster; pirate; relic

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