"Turn Back the Clock"


VBS episode
1x07 / 7th of 110 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Sheldon Stark
Directed by
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Captain Lee Crane picks up a woman named Carol Denning to be escorted to the Antarctic via the Seaview, as she is to be reunited with Jason, her boyfriend who disappeared in the area several months before but suddenly reappeared. Her father and two other men who were also with him, all of which had disappeared as well.

Once Crane and Denning visit him in a hospital, a recording is played that was made earlier where he rambled on about monsters in a tropical area; however, he claims he can’t remember anything as to his whereabouts of the last several months, so the Seaview is sent to that area. Crane, Denning, Jason and Admiral Harriman Nelson are sent in a diving bell to the area where they were lost when the same fate happens to them: very rough currents snap the diving bell cable (which is the last thing Jason remembers happening), plunging them away to a new area.

The crew ends up in a tropical area, running into giant dinosaurs and a group of primitive natives as they explore, the latter of which captures everyone, although Denning is reunited with her father. He reveals of the trouble Jason caused, as it turned out he was lying about losing his memory, along with sabotaging one of Seaview’s instruments (which Nelson had discovered earlier).

A native girl is convinced to let them out of their cage, although unfortunately another dinosaur interferes with their escape, killing Jason in the process, which allows everyone else to escape, where they are spotted by the Seaview and rescued.


Guest StarsEdit

  • Nick Adams as Jason
  • Les Tremayne as Kemp Denning
  • Yvonne Craig as Carol Denning
  • Vitina Marcus as Native Girl
  • Robert Cornthwaite as Zeigler
  • Robert Patten as Naval doctor
  • Mark Slade as Crewman


According to the imdb entry of this episode, Del Monroe is credited as a “Panelman”, rather than Kowalski as he is throughout the series.


The episode can be seen at on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea channel

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