Doctor Zachary Smith


Great Aunt Maude; Uncle Thaddeus Smith; Jeremiah Smith; Aunt Matilda;
Former agent of Aeolus 14 Umbra

Doctor Zachary Smith was a human from Earth. He was a selfish, lying, cowardly, lazy hypochondriac.


Zachary Smith had an interest in the performing arts and played the lead in his college musical. At one time, he considered an operatic career. ("Space Circus")

The Smith family had a years-long rivalry for the inheritance of their Great Aunt Maude. ("Curse of Cousin Smith")

Smith stowed away on board the Jupiter 2 on 16 October 1997, and his sabotage led to the spaceship being lost in space. ("The Reluctant Stowaway")

Personal informationEdit

Smith was Irish on his maternal grandmother's side. ("His Majesty Smith") He was a direct descendant of the Ruthven line of Scotland on his mother's side. ("The Astral Traveler") He claimed that he was a Doctor of environmental psychiatry. ("Follow the Leader"; "Space Beauty") He was a compulsive gambler. ("Curse of Cousin Smith") Smith was 5 feet, 11 inches tall, and weighed 175 pounds. ("Rocket to Earth")

The Doctor claimed to suffer from acrophobia, asthma, claustrophobia, and a bad back. ("A Change of Space"; "The Lost Civilization"; "The Mechanical Men") He also said that his Doctor warned him for years to rest his eyes instead of overworking them. ("Space Circus") Maureen Robinson joked that the fear he felt in his bones was actually a touch of arthritis. ("The Golden Man")

Smith was a talented sculptor, having created a statue in his own image, and carving himself a tombstone. ("Blast Off Into Space", "Mutiny in Space") He recorded at least two memoirs, "Meditations of a Galactic Castaway", and "Outer Space and I". ("His Majesty Smith"; "The Space Croppers"; "Junkyard in Space") Smith also wrote a play based on Norse mythology, and intended to play the part of Odin. ("Mutiny in Space", "The Space Vikings") He was never particularly fond of sports, as he found them "too healthy". ("The Deadly Games of Gamma 6")

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